About Me

I believe that each of us is the ultimate expert on our own bodies and experiences. I believe that connecting mindfully to our own bodies is a crucial tool in healing from chronic pain and emotional trauma. I believe that the simple act of taking an hour to slow down and relieve pain can be revolutionary – in every sense.

As a nonbinary trans man and childhood cancer survivor, I spent years of my life feeling completely disconnected from my own body. Bodywork, yoga, and dance helped me to find and befriend my embodied self, and that has transformed my life on every level. It’s with gratitude and humility that I want to offer those tools of transformation to as many people as I can.

About My Work

From 2/1/19 to 4/1/19, I will be offering REIKI ONLY due to wrist injuries that need time to heal. For more on my reiki practice, see below!

I practice client-centered massage that combines myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, and deep tissue massage to help address aches, pains, and limitations in your body. Whether those aches and pains are from working on a computer, wearing a binder, an old injury, or the crushing pressures of our current political situation, I can help you find freedom and relief that genuinely lasts.

I work with humans of all ages, races, genders, cultures, sizes and abilities. I practice radical body positivity and believe in meeting people wherever they are on their own journeys with embodiment and wellness.  I’m especially passionate about working with other trans folks, people working with trauma, and people working towards revolution and liberation.

About My Reiki Practice

I began my formal study of reiki in 2018 and have found it to be an extraordinarily powerful tool for grounding, emotional release, and personal transformation – in my own life as well as those of my clients.

I find reiki to be perfect for working with trauma and dissociation because clients don’t need to disrobe or receive direct touch in order to feel the healing benefits. Reiki is wonderful for stress, anxiety, insomnia, emotional processing, and deep healing.

I have found that because of my background in anatomy and massage, my sessions often focus on the interconnection of the energetic & physical body – finding the places where emotional and energetic blocks contribute to physical tightness or vice versa. Clients report feeling deeply relaxed, more grounded and aware of their energy field and physical body, and more connected to their own spirit and inner wisdom.

I feel honored and inspired to be exploring this work and I invite you to come with me on this journey!


If you are interested in receiving massage or energy work but are uncertain whether it’s right for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out via the Contact page. I would love to answer questions and find solutions that feel comfortable and accessible to you.

My Credentials

I studied massage therapy at the Potomac Massage Training Institute (PMTI) in Silver Spring, MD. I graduated in 2015 and moved to Philadelphia, where I practiced sports massage intensively for a year before expanding my practice to include more diverse, holistic practices. I am licensed and insured in the state of Pennyslvania.

I received my Reiki Level 1 & 2 certifications in 2018 from Danielle Stimpson at Learn Reiki Philadelphia.

Next Steps…

If you’re interested in scheduling a session or would like to talk more about what you’re looking for and what a session could entail, go ahead and click that there button!

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